Our Team

Graham Agar – Director

Graham-AgarGraham is a Mechanical Engineer, NABERS and CBD Assessor, Green Star Accredited Professional Assessor and Faculty Member, with more than eight years project management and team leadership experience. Over his career, Graham has been exposed to technically challenging mechanical engineering and ecologically sustainable designed projects.  His work has required him to visit some of the most remote areas in Western Australia as well as some of the most complex and high profile projects delivered in Perth in recent times.

Highly proficient in the use of a suite of energy simulation tools, Graham has been involved in the modelling and mechanical design of a number of his mechanical design projects, using these tools to provide innovative and ESD solutions.

Graham has specialty skills in building assessments, being an accredited NABERS and Green Star Assessor. He also has experience with investigation of plant life-cycle, current energy and amenity performance, maintenance requirements and upgrade opportunities. He has completed a number of strategic plans for maintenance and upgrade, including reviewing AMP Shopping Centres’ strategic plan for WA and Victoria and assisting the Metropolitan Health Service complete their requirements under the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act.

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Graham has been involved with more than 20 Green Star projects scoring almost 90 Green Stars across 19 certifications, including leading the submission team for Durack 2 (6 star design certified, 5 Star As Built Certified) and One40 William Street (5 star certified design and 5 Star As Built) as well as shopping centre projects, office interiors projects and a host of 4-star office design projects. He was the first engineering representative on the WA Green Building Council State Industry Group and has been on the technical advisory groups for a number of the recent upgrades and new tools released by the Green Building Council of Australia. In addition, in his role of a Green Star assessor, Graham has reviewed more than sixty certified projects of all types from around Australia. He has seen the best and worst of submissions and is acutely aware of what the GBCA requires to ensure good submission results and minimal fuss for the design team.

Graham’s experience offers significant value to his teams in the avoidance of rework (Graham has achieved round 1 certification 3 times) and reduced certification costs (Graham has achieved two five star ratings for less than 0.5% of total project costs).

In addition to working on Green Star, Graham has been involved in sustainability reporting for a number of non-standard developments, such as Athletics Facilities and the new Perth Police Complex. He has also provided strategic advisory services in reviewing and producing ESD policies.

Full Circle’s strategy revolves around contributing as early as possible within the design phase of a project. Through up front involvement and engagement with the team, building modelling and sustainable design advice, we can provide the maximum value for minimum cost. Graham’s experience in modelling, mechanical design and collaborating with teams – particularly in sharing information in BIM models – is one of the key value adds he will bring to projects.

As well as being involved with projects early in the design phase, Graham prides himself on delivering excellence through to project completion and beyond. Graham has completed building tuning and monitoring for a number of buildings in Perth – with exceptional results. Through analysis of building performance data and working closely with building managers and contractors, Graham has assisted in delivering three 5 Star NABERS ratings and two 5.5 star NABERS ratings, with typical performance improvements of over 30% in the first three months of involvement.

Graham’s involvement with all aspects of sustainable buildings, through strategy and planning, design, construction and performance monitoring has given him an excellent insight into the building tuning process as well as a keen understanding of the level at which a building can and should be performing at. His design experience also makes him an ideal peer reviewer of design pre-construction where he can share the benefit of his lessons learnt. His keen interest in the entire life cycle of a project makes him an asset to every project team.

Conor Rawlins

Graham-AgarConor is a qualified mechanical engineer, with experience in the design and energy modelling of HVAC systems for a wide range of buildings and applications. She is an accredited NABERS and CBD assessor and Green Star Accredited Professional.

Her particular passion is in efficient building controls, with experience in energy auditing and energy management with the goal of improving the performance of new and existing buildings. She has used her skills to assist some of Perth’s largest and most prestigious addresses in optimising their energy performance. Her knowledge and capabilities as a mechanical designer are paramount to understanding and optimising building operations and design.

Conor is proficient in a suite of energy simulation tools and has completed various energy simulations of buildings to assist with design development and performance management of completed buildings. This has also included extensive modelling to assist with design of building envelopes and mechanical plant designs. She has experience with the detailed modelling of energy and water consumption associated with pools – both indoor and outdoor systems.

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Conor is also experienced in ESD Services, including Section J analysis for NCC compliance as well as the Green Star rating tools. She has acted in the role of Green Star Accredited Professional for projects seeking either certified or self-assessed ratings, and has provided contractor support for As-Built ratings.